Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Journal: Embraced Identity

I did not get the chance to work on "Embraced Identity" today.  I have written about 16 pages of the book so far, and will be inputting the chapters I started into the "Writers Block 4" program tomorrow.  For each chapter, I will write a quick summary of what the chapter is about, and then expound on each one at a later date.  I think this will be my beginning process.

I feel that I must write every day, but as I have three other blogs going..sometimes it will not be possible.  I hope to write at least 3x a week on the book, as I am believing that this is the one I need to complete first.

Keith @ 8 months & Me @ 15yrs old
In Santa Barbara, CA: Family Summer Trip
August 1984
As always, I look forward to a productive tomorrow.

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  1. Yvette,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Presenting a journal or diary is a challenge. The important thing is to "do it!" Best wishes! ;-)