Monday, January 16, 2012

Summary of Embraced Identity

     My publisher FreedomInk gave me an assignment to write a summary of what my memoir was about.  I have been reluctant to put too much out until I am finished writing the book, but I think it is alright to do  it now.

Embraced Identity

     Embraced Identity is a memoir about a girl raised in an upper middle class African American family, whose life-style conflicts with the values that were set by her parents and society.  Yvette Porter grew up in Del Cerro, A largely Jewish & White neighborhood in the Suburbs of San Diego, California.

     At the age of eight, Yvette mistakenly finds out that she is adopted, and that her birthmother is Mexican and her father Black.  Through many incidents in school, she has an identity crisis.  Yvette trades in her hopes of being a debutante to the reality of being a teenage mother after being raped by her brother’s best friend.

     With the internal struggles of survival and the black balling from the upper middle class social society, Yvette defines herself by discovering who she is as she journeys to finding her birth-family, and realizing that God’s plan for her life began before she was conceived in the womb.  Yvette has an epiphany that in order for her to know herself is to uncover not only her biological roots but her adopted roots.